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Conditions of Entry

If you are booking for other entrants, you are accepting the terms and conditions on their behalf. We strongly advise that you share these terms and conditions with them. By them completing the personal details form on the day all entrants are signing to acknowledge and agree to all terms and conditions.

  • Our events are not races. It is a challenge event across difficult terrain and tracks through the awesome local environment.

  • All entrants are responsible for ensuring they are physically able to take on the event that they have signed up for.

  • Suitable equipment must be worn throughout the event.

  • All entrants under 18 years of age or who are members of school or youth groups must be supervised by adults (over 18 years of age) in a ratio of at least 1 to 3.

  • All entrants must take account of the weather conditions, which may be encountered during the event and may mean it’s necessary to carry additional items. All entrants are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate equipment to deal with the weather conditions on the day.

  • At any event if any entrant decides to retire for whatever reason, either control or the marshal at the nearest Check Point must be informed of the retirement.

  • For all bike events – suitable helmets MUST be worn throughout the event; failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification from the event. All riders are responsible for ensuring your bike is fully maintained and suitable for the event, bikes may be inspected prior to starting and if deemed unsafe you will be unable to take part.

  • We recommend that certain equipment is used for each event. Please see the event specific webpage for a list of recommended equipment.




  • All entrants should be aware that these are challenge events and stamina is required to complete the distance. We therefore recommend that if you are not used to these sorts of activities that suitable training is undertaken beforehand.

  • Whilst the organisers will do everything possible to safeguard entrants, no responsibility can be accepted. You enter the event at your own risk and Prosper Eventing LTD accept no responsibility for injury, death, loss or damage of property or any other outcome. Those who require insurance cover against possible injury and/or loss of, or damage to, property should make their own arrangements.

  • Please note that the organisers reserve the right to re-organise the event in any way considered appropriate to prevailing conditions. If the event has to be cancelled through no fault of the event organisers, no refund will be made. We suggest you take out your own insurance to cover this.

  • Participating in the events will always have associated risks of personal injury. We make every effort to minimise this risk. However, there are inherent risks of bumps, bruising, sprains, scrapes, cuts. More serious injury cannot be ruled out and participants taking part in this event should be aware of the risks and be responsible for their own actions, the condition of their equipment and their ability to complete their chosen event.

  • Staff reserve the right to remove participants from events where their behaviour is unacceptable. Supervising adults are responsible for maintaining control of their under 18’s whilst at the events.

  • Participants must not be intoxicated with drugs or alcohol prior to or during the event session or during any breaks (planned or otherwise) in between activities, they will forfeit their place on the event and are not eligible for a refund or compensation from Prosper Eventing LTD. Staff members reserve the right to remove participants from events where they believe the participant is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and will not be eligible for a refund or compensation from Prosper Eventing LTD.

  • Correct clothing, footwear and equipment must be used as per the equipment listed on each event specific webpage. Staff reserve the right to remove participants from the event if they do not have said appropriate kit.

  • Any medical conditions or disability must be detailed at the time of booking. If you are not sure about your fitness to take part, then your doctor’s advice should be taken. We must also be made aware of any medication being taken.

  • Prosper Eventing Ltd has public and products liability insurance of £10 million. Personal belongings are participant’s own responsibility. We do not accept responsibility for loss or for additional expenses due to sickness, weather, strikes or any other causes. Personal accident insurance is not included.

  • We may film or take photographs of participants for publicity purposes, including reproduction on our website, Facebook page and other media. If you are not willing, please inform us directly. Prosper Eventing LTD does not share personal information in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998.




Should you need to cancel your booking once it has been confirmed, the person making the booking must notify us in writing or email. The date on which we receive written notification will determine the level of cancellation charges applicable:

  • Cancellation up to 2 months before to the event – full refund.

  • Cancellation less than 2 months before – no refund.

  • Entries may be transferred to another suitable entrant up to 1 month before the event – contact us via email.

No discount or reduction in fees will be made if the weather or other conditions outside the control of Prosper Eventing LTD  preclude all or part of the event taking place. If Prosper Eventing LTD fails to attend or cancel under no circumstances will consequential losses be met. Concerned entrants are advised to take out insurance to cover this eventuality.


By accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing to all the above points.

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